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BulletProof Workstations

My name is Jason Stadtlander, CEO of Inc. and I approve this message.

Welcome to BoutiqueABC's Bulletproof Businessware page. I have been asked many times how building a computer that are truly superior got started. The facts are, it was because I was going through the same thing any other CEO goes through when they are buying a computer. Why buy a $2-3000 machine when I can get one for $500? The answer is not only about getting exactly what you payfor, it is also about future proofing your businesses. Each part that I have picked for your machines has been selected because they have been tested, reviewed and deemed one of the best in its industry and class. I build computers to last a minimum of 3 years, but will tell you here that 5 years from now your computer will still be competitive. I work with this hardware everyday and realized that the newer computers are litterally made out of tin, they do not have proper ventilation nor are the hard disks tested or setup to provide you a degree of dependability. Getting a computer without a minimum of 2 drives is like skydiving without a parachute. It's safe on the plane but disastrous when you jump out. So I reasoned it out, why should our kids be setting up the most advanced and dependable machines for gaming when any good CEO knows that hardware is the least expensive expenditure for personnel.

BulletProof Workstations
The basics:

  • Minimum Dual monitors - to increase the efficiency of your staff.

  • Let them have their email on one screen and their production on the other. This alone typically pays the difference between our computers and the junk that is out there.

  • 2-5 Hard drives (RAID - Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks). Who doesn't want redundancy and increased uptime?

  • Properly vented cases. The most prevalent problem with computers is that heat kills the components. A properly vented case with a series of fans decreases this risks by ventilating the heat OUT of the case.

So if you want a $400-500 dollar computer you came to the wrong place. But if you are looking for a platform to build your business on give us a call at 514.461.0200

We never cut corners nor do we compromise on quality. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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